December 8, 2018

Rosemary Gagnon graduates from Montreal General Hospital, June 1959

This set shows my aunt's graduation ceremony at Montreal General Hospital.
In this era, hospitals often ran their own schools of nursing.
Passages in quotes are from LC Gagnon's (her brother) photo captions.

Rosemary Gagnon and David (nephew) at Stony Point Park, Lachine.

'Rosemary at Montreal General'

My father wrote with a fountain pen during this era.

'Rosemary receiving medal and diploma from President Ogilvie.

'Graduates walked along by platform and were taken by closed circuit TV camera, 
which transmitted picture to other guests watching sets on 3rd floor.'

'Rosemary waiting to resume seat after presentation of diploma.'

'Other graduates waiting to be seated.
Rosemary Luram [sp?] at extreme left of group.'

'At reception following ceremony.
Mrs Seymour, Rosemary, Bessie Rodger.'

'Rosemary and friends.'
[not identified]

LC Gagnon and Rosemary (siblings)

'Rosemary at the Montreal General Hospital Governors' Ball?'